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Roller shutters are a standard security measure which keeps businesses, public buildings, and other premises safe on a daily basis.  The reason roller shutters are so effective is that they can be made to any size and shape, to cover anything from a small window to a whole shop front or loading bay door.  The interlocking steel slats which form the shutter are resistant to force, and are designed to maintain their integrity even after being buckled by an impact.  At the same time, they are compact enough to be rolled up out of the way when not in use to the extent that many of us will not notice them as we walk down the high street.

Of course, a roller shutter is only as good as the lock which secures it.  Roller shutter door locks come in many shapes and sizes depending on their application and the personal choice of the installer, but to be effective all must prevent the shutter from being opened by twisting movements or by force.

As with many other door locking devices, a hasp and staple arrangement can be very effective in anchoring roller shutters to the ground, surrounding masonry, or the door or window frame in order to deter intruders.  One component attaches to the shutter, the other to a secure surface, and both are held together by a removable locking device.  This is a heavy duty solution suitable for applications right up to loading bay and vehicle depot shutters.  Pair the hasp with a heavy duty padlock from a respected brand such as Federal or Facchinetti for a shutter lock which will make even the most determined trespasser think twice.

Other common roller shutter locks include bullet type locks, which are a more low profile shutter door lock alternative.  A bullet lock is a cylinder which passes through a hole drilled in the runner at the side of the shutter, and then through a corresponding hole in one of the shutter slats.  This prevents the shutter from passing through the runner until the lock is removed.  For convenience, the hole in the runner can be drilled at a height which is within easy reach of the user, and the lock cylinder can be replaced in the hope after the shutter has been opened for storage.  Both of these roller shutter security locks can be retro-fitted to existing shutter doors, or installed on new ones.  They are suitable for traditional shutters, and can also be fitted to electrically operated shutters to offer an additional level of security.

As with all security devices, correct installation and usage is key to getting the best from your shutter door locks.  When you buy from professional roller shutter locks suppliers like Loktonic, you get not only a fine product which has been tested and approved by knowledgeable tradespeople, but also the benefit of our experience when it comes to how to fit and maintain it.  For more information on locks for shutter doors contact Loktonic today.

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