Everything About Our Lince Products

Some manufacturers make products which are so well recognised within their given industry, that their brand becomes synonymous with the type of item they sell.  Lince is one of a handful of famous companies whose logo on your padlock, chain lock, or mortice lock faceplate just looks like it belongs there.

Founded in Spain in 1932, the Lince company of the time realised that if they were to thrive, they must lead from the front.  Some businesses offer no more vision than to offer alternative versions of what their competitors were already doing, however Lince foresaw that by targeting the security industry and producing locks for the most demanding applications, their expertise – and reputation – would gradually filter down to the mass market.

It would take time, but eventually buyers across Europe would select Lince gate locks and chains because they knew this was a brand trusted by banks and shipping consortiums.  In a similar way to how a modern company might use a desirable halo product to sell its lesser products, an international reputation made Lince door locks and Lince brass padlocks the security of choice across a wide range of industries.

The difference was, when it came to Lince locks, this comparison actually made sense.  You can’t provide adequate security for financial institutions and high-value industrial installations without a good grasp of what it takes to keep a door shut, and in the case of Lince products, many the designs and technologies translated directly to the Lince gate locks and other products which became common features of local hardware stores.

But Lince haven’t rested on their laurels since.  The manufacturer’s commitment to innovation led to them becoming the first national manufacturer to develop the multipoint cylinder lock in the 1980s.  Since then, it has been common for householders and builders to head to their local security store and specifically request a Lince multi lock cylinder or Lince euro cylinders for their property.  Meanwhile, Lince 10 cog wheel euro cylinders remain among the most secure and popular door locks we sell here at Loktonic.  Our customers have good reason to trust Lince cylinders, as they consistently score among the top rated products when subjected to independent tests.

Fortunately for customers, the Lince range of products is a comprehensive one.  This isn’t a company like that other Southern European market leader, Ferrari.  You could spend years saving up the money and cultivating a lifestyle which will go with your dream sports car.  But if you have several children, and a dog, the day you turn up at the showroom with your hard-earned cash will only lead to disappointment – the company do not produce a model which is suitable for your needs.

What a relief it is, then, to learn that Lince produce padlocks, rim locks, mortice locks – in fact, just about any type of locking mechanism you could need for any application.  And in even better news, you can get a great deal when you buy Lince locks online from LoktonicContact our team to find out more about Lince products.

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