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Since 1945, the Meroni company of Como, Italy (and more recently from their second premises in Valencia, Spain) have supplied solid and stylish locks, locking devices and other door furniture to a wide range of industries and the general public.  Stories surrounding company founder Giulio Andrea Meroni assert that it was after a trip across the Mediterranean to North Africa that he chose the elephant as the symbol of his company – and you wouldn’t be able to force open a door which was being guarded by an elephant, would you?

From humble beginnings producing latches for cabinets and other furniture, Meroni have mushroomed to become one of the largest lock manufacturers in Europe, supplying products for a huge range of applications.  Function and style go hand-in-hand when it comes to Meroni locks, and the company continues to invest in new technologies in order to develop the locks of the future.

Meroni products available from the Loktonic online store include:

Meroni Deadlocks

Meroni deadlock systems are useful for many situations, including mailboxes and secure furniture like file cabinets and display stands.  Deadlocks immobilize themselves in the locked position to prevent them from being forced.

Meroni Cam Locks

Latch-style cam locks are common place on fixtures like personnel lockers, locking desk drawers, and vending machines.  However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be employed as an effective security measure under more demanding circumstances.  Heavy duty Meroni cam locks are available for such items as jewellery display cases.

Meroni Cabinet Locks

Back where it all started.  Signore Meroni began his career producing elegant yet robust furniture locks, and his company continues to make a range of such products today.

Meroni Van Locks

Commercial vehicle security has become a hot topic of late.  As homes have become more secure, thefts from vehicles have become more common, with goods vehicles becoming a particular target due to their often carrying valuable articles.

It’s hard to make a van burglar-proof without making it very heavy, thereby reducing its load-carrying capacity.  Doors can be forced and padlocks broken off by crowbars.  In response, Meroni introduced their ground breaking ‘UFO’ locks which are designed with curved surfaces to defeat leverage tools.

Meroni Dumbbell Locks

Based on a similar principle, Meroni dumbbell padlocks are designed in such a way that it is impossible to gain access with hand tools.  If you try to use a pry bar or hammer on these padlocks, the tool will simply slip off to the side and its force will be redirected away from the lock.  Meroni dumbbell van locks are used to protect commercial vehicles as above, while Meroni dumbbell chain locks are small, tamper-proof padlocks designed to secure chains around gates, fence posts, and valuable goods.

When you shop for Meroni locks online at Loktonic, you benefit from wholesale prices and the wide range of choice and delivery options associated with online sales.  Our team have years of experience in this industry, so feel free to get in touch with us for advice.

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