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Combination Camlocks

Combination CAMlocks

Combination camlocks for some applications, heavy-duty locks with high-security key requirements can be overkill.  For internal doors, personal lockers, mail boxes, or secure cupboards and drawers in furniture units, there are alternatives.  A combination cam lock can offer a robust, secure package in a slim and convenient housing, which can be accessed without resorting to keys at all.  

The combination lock is not a new device, but modern combination locks for lockers are tougher, easier to use, and more convenient than ever before.  Alphanumeric combination codes can be circulated amongst authorized personnel, meaning you never have to worry about lost keys again.  And with several models of ABA Enfield combination locks easily available from Loktonic, your one-stop online lock supplier, you need never be stuck for a suitable device for any type of application.  

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Search through the many types of combination camlocks on our site, you’re bound to be able to find a model which is right for you.  Rotary, wheel and push-button locks give a choice of operation, while mechanical and electronic options are available.  Premium models offer extra security measures and a professional finish, but that isn’t to say that the cheap combination locks won’t provide perfectly adequate security within a protected environment.  This makes them ideal for workplace and school lockers, mailroom boxes, and so forth.  

Within a workplace where all management staff know the combination, key safe, lockbox and personal locker systems can work smoothly and without fuss.  To make it even easier for authorized users to access the system, combination cam locks with master key override can be fitted.  A manager can override locker combination locks with a master key whenever necessary, for safety and convenience.  So, for example, students can protect their possessions from fellow students in school lockers, but teachers can still access them when necessary.  

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