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Laminated Padlocks

At Loktonic we have a wide range of premium padlocks available, to suit every need. All are the highest quality on the market. We’ve applied our many years of experience to ensure the products we offer you are the best you can buy. One of the stand-out brands we offer is ‘Federal’. And here’s an idea of how Federal Padlocks can provide the right security solution for you:

Federal Combination Padlocks

Combination padlocks are an easy, keyless way to keep your property and possessions safe. Federal offer a variety of locks, in a range of finishes, including heavy-duty options for that extra level of security. With thousands of possible combinations and many uses, they are a go-to for home and commercial purposes.

Federal Van Padlocks

Anyone who operates a commercial vehicle will know that these are regular targets for criminals. That’s why equipping your vehicle with additional van security locks is highly recommended. With Federal Van Padlocks, you’ll get super strong and durable devices that are specially designed to resist break-ins. So, they are built to provide resistance to bumping, picking, and drilling. They also incorporate super-strong lock shackles to help protect against cutting.

Federal Gate Padlocks

A gate lock might be your first line of defence, so it needs to stand-up to the challenge. Offering strength, weather resistance and many other qualities including anti-bumping, anti-picking and anti-drilling designs, Federal’s range of gate padlocks can perform to the standard required.

Federal Shed Padlocks

After their homes, many people think of their garage or garden shed as the property they would most like to protect. Sheds can contain expensive tools and equipment, or valuable garden furniture. That’s why strong locks are vital to help protect them against break-ins. Like, its gate padlocks Federal’s shed padlocks are designed to guard against various attempts to compromise them. They are also weather resistant and built to resist corrosion.

No matter what the application, Federal High-Security Steel Padlocks will have a solution for you. With a broad array of sizes, functions and designs available, you will easily find the right padlock for the right job.

For the best locksmith supplies, check out our online shop. To enquire about our locksmith supplies for sale, please contact us.

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