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Motorcycle Bike Cables

Motorbike Security Cables

Here at Loktonic, we recognise that feeling secure, as well as having the right security systems in place, is a must.  We therefore provide an excellent range of locks for a number of different applications, including motorbike security cables.  You have a right to protect your personal possessions, regardless of what it is you own.  We therefore do not supply second rate locks that do not stand up to the task, should someone choose to try and steel your possessions.  When it comes to offering security, we know that only the best quality products will do.

We have a choice of brands for your motorbike security that are renowned for their quality merchandise, such as the Yale heavy duty motorbike locks, federal locks and Meroni motorbike lock.

Your motorbike is your pride and joy, and is just as vital to your daily life as any other motor or vehicle.  Vans, cars, and motorbikes all require care to be taken of them to keep them on the road and to ensure they meet with safety standards.  It is therefore not a possession any one disregards, even when it is not used for any period of time.  Whereas cars and other closed in vehicles can provide a barriered security, a bike requires a specific lock catering to the exact dimensions of the motorbike in question.  Therefore, we have a choice of locks suitable for a number of bike designs.

Federal has been producing dependable locking products since 1958, and offers quality in the performance of their locks, and in offering products that lasts.  The durability provided in by the federal steel motorbike cables, means you don’t have to second guess yourself when you leave your motorbike parked up, even if you have had the lock for a number of years.  Here, at Loktonic, we can provide the Federal lock motorbike cables to the exact size and specifications you require.  Federal products also have a no-key replacement, which means that you will own the only keys that can unlock and lock your bike up.

Yale is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of locks.  Well known for their reliable home and door locks, Yale provide the same quality of production throughout the items and models they supply.  Take a good look through our choice of Yale motorbike locks available here at Loktonic, to find exactly what you need.  We have Yale locks that require a number combination, and locks that come with keys.

Meroni provide a number of innovative products including their unique locking mechanisms that looks every bit as tough as it is.  To equip your motorbike with a strong security measure, look at the Meroni motorbike lock that comes in a variety of colours to match your bike.

If you have any queries on our choice of motorbike cables, please do not hesitate to contact us today.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and happy in the knowledge your belongings are made as secure as possible.