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Rim Gate Locks

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Exterior gates – such as garden gates, driveway gates, shed doors, and the like – often need specific types of hardware due to the way they are constructed.  If a door is too thin to accept a mortice lock, a rim lock can be fitted to the face of the door.  This means they are also suitable for solid timber doors and gates which have not been routed for a locking mechanism.  Unlike rim locks which are designed for interior doors, rim gate locks are made to be fitted outside and stand up to the weather.

Modern doors are now made much thicker than they used to be, making them suitable for mortice lock and euro cylinder arrangements.  However, driveway and garden gates are often there more for decoration and privacy than for high-level security, therefore we have no problem recommending rim gate locks for this purpose.  If you are in any doubt over which solution would suit your application best, our team here at Loktonic are always happy to help.

A gate rim lock is easy to fit as it simply bolts to the surface of the gate, making these products a popular choice for DIYers.  Outdoor gate locks therefore provide that little bit of added security for garden and yard areas which cannot be fully enclosed for practical reasons.  In the case of garages and other outbuildings, external rim gate locks are a great way of securing a back or side entrance which is used to gain access from the property without opening the main shutter at the front.  It should be noted that if your garage or garden shed is used to store tools or other valuable items, a more robust solution such as a hasp and padlock combination might be in order.

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