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Combination Padlocks

At Loktonic, we specialise in safety and security devices, providing clients with a wide variety of locks for different purposes, including combination locks for lockers and other items. A combination lock is a type of padlock that allows the user to lock the device by using a set of marked or numbered dials to present a specific sequence. Only the set sequence will open the lock, and it works by either rotating a series of dials until the number is shown or rotating one dial in the correct set pattern.

If you’re looking for a super heavy-duty lock, then consider your options for a combination lock. As well as the traditional combination lock, there are different types of combination locks, including combination locks that come with a master key. This means that if you forget your combination lock code, you will still be able to easily access what you have used the lock to secure. We supply combination locks from a range or brands, including Federal, Meroni and Enfield.

Combination Locks Range

Combination locks range from a cheap option the same as three-digit luggage locks, to high-security combination locks with a safe lock box. As part of our combination lock range, we have cam locks and TSA locks. Cam locks refers to the single rotating dial that interacts with these discs, or ‘cams’, by using interacting with the locking mechanism. When the notches of the cams align, the latch is able to fit into them, thus opening the lock. A TSA lock stands of Transportation Security Administration lock, and this is the type that can be opened with a master key by TSA agents as law allows.

To find out more about our combination locks, please get in touch and we will be glad to help with any questions you may have for us.

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