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Brass Body Padlocks

Solid Brass Padlocks
At Loktonic, we offer our customers a wide variety of locks from brands considered industry leaders within the security sector. Brass padlocks have been used since ancient times, with brass being one of the traditional materials for locks.

Here at Loktonic, we have a large choice of different brass padlocks, some which are made from solid brass, with others that are combined stainless steel brass locks. Available in a variety of different sizes, whether you’re looking for small brass padlocks or a large brass shackle, you’re sure to find something to suit you. Brands we stock include Enfield, Facchinetti, Federal, and Lince.

We supply brass padlocks for a range of purposes, whether for a specific application or a more general lock that offers a multi-purpose solution to your security needs. For example, we offer a heavy duty brass padlock that includes a bike cable and can be used for both bicycles and motorcycles. Additionally, we have some designed especially for locking gates, vans, sheds and shutters, such as this solid rectangular brass block lock.

Brass padlocks are available with extra-long shackles, and lock either with keys that are supplied with a spare, or with a resettable combination lock. When you buy from us, you can also benefit from selecting brass locks that are waterproof and weather resistant, enabling you to use them outside or in conditions where they will be exposed to the elements. As part of this range, we also supply Stainless steel padlocks and hasp.

To find out more about our brass padlocks, you can either complete our contact form online, or get in touch via email at You can also speak to a member of the team directly by calling us on 07957 172 116, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

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