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Electric Strikes

Electric Mortice Strike Lock

For a high level of security with maximum convenience, an electric strike door lock is hard to beat.  Electric strike systems are designed around a latch-type lock, which secures the door whenever it is allowed to close.  But instead of opening with a key or handle, the electric strike lock is only released when an electronic circuit is activated.

For medium security internal or external doors, it makes sense to use slam-locks – locks which secure the door whenever it is allowed to close, rather than when it is actively locked with a key or thumb-turn.  This prevents unauthorised visitors from entering even when personnel forget to secure the door behind them.  An electric strike door lock system takes things one step further, by affording a range of options which allow for the use of keys to be avoided completely; swipe cards, key fobs and remote release controls are among the many alternatives available.

Among the models we supply here at Loktonic are electric door strikes for metal doors, to be used as part of high-security arrangements.  Our extensive experience has taught us that perimeter security is also important to our customers, so we have various types of electric strike gate lock available.

For an access door which will robustly resist intruders, using an electric strike for mortise lock arrangement will give you extra confidence in your security measures.  If you have an access point to your premises which may be a target for would-be intruders – say, a back door or loading area which is not overlooked – fitting an electric strike for a mortise lock with deadbolt system can make a good alternative to having to seal the doorway permanently.  An electric mortice deadlock arrangement will mean you can still use that doorway when needed.

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