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Colour Padlocks

Colour Padlocks
If you need colour padlocks or a non conductive colour lock out, we have exactly what you are looking for.  At Loktonic we sell the best in quality colour padlocks and coloured lock out options at the best prices.

Colour padlocks are a great way of differentiating your lock.  Whether you need to lock a shed, cupboard, garage, gate or something else, our attractive, high quality coloured padlocks give you peace of mind.  By using different colour padlocks, you can quickly and easily label and organise your keys, saving valuable time.  The bright colour options of our colour padlocks do not detract from the quality of the lock or the standard of security.  Each one is made of weather resistant aluminium with a precision brass cylinder and 5-pin keyway.

Another popular option is the coloured lockout.  Why use an isolation colour lock out?  They are designed for electricians, so that when you are working on a circuit, you can ensure that the power is disconnected at the distribution board.  The non conductive colour lock ensures that you are safe and the lock is easily visible to other people.  Every electrician needs at least one coloured lock out for a safe working environment.

At Loktonic, we specialise in providing the best options in security.  We want our customers to be confident when using our security products.  When it comes to locks, we have 25 years of industry experience behind us.  Every item has a 12-month warranty because we are confident in what we sell.

Let us help you find exactly what you need.  Whether you want a specific colour, or to have keyed different or keyed alike locks, you can contact our expert help team who are ready to make sure we provide you the best quality at the best prices.

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